Development of a responsive portfolio website with a WordPress content management system.

  • Co-HTML and CSS Development
  • Javascript Development
  • Backend Web Architecture
  • WordPress Development
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Our work with Wagner Hodgson began in 2014 with the development of a Drupal 7 content management system. Since then, we’ve worked closely with them and our design partner Corey Machanic to maintain their backend systems and support their website needs. In 2022, we overhauled their website with a cleaner and more accessible frontend, and a WordPress backend that meets their current needs.

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Wagner Hodgson homepage
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Wagner Hodgson homepage (mobile)
Wagner Hodgson navigation (mobile)

A fully responsive theme with a solid yet simple information architecture.

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Wagner Hodgson projects
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Wagner Hodgson project detail
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Wagner Hodgson projects (mobile)
Wagner Hodgson project detail (mobile)

Gorgeous photography takes center stage, showcasing Wagner Hodgson's impressive portfolio of work.

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Wagner Hodgson people
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Wagner Hodgson people detail
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Wagner Hodgson people (mobile)
Wagner Hodgson people detail (mobile)
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Wagner Hodgson news (mobile)
Wagner Hodgson news detail (mobile)