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Project Detail 1/11

The Vermont Land Trust’s website redesign project is a digital transformation that merges creativity, functionality, and technology to showcase their mission of conserving land for future generations. The redesign included a rebrand by Solidarity of Unbridled Labour that reflects the trust’s values and preserves the essence of the Vermont culture.

Project Detail 2/11
Homepage animation with customizable brand silhouettes and photos.
Project Detail 3/11
Vermont Land Trust homepage (mobile)
Vermont Land Trust navigation (mobile)
Project Detail 4/11
Vermont Land Trust explore landing page
Vermont Land Trust featured property
Project Detail 5/11
Vermont Land Trust land map
Project Detail 6/11
Vermont Land Trust land map property details
Project Detail 7/11
Vermont Land Trust land map (mobile)
Vermont Land Trust land map property details (mobile)

A new interactive map is the centerpiece of the redesign, allowing visitors to explore the trust's extensive network of protected properties and recreational lands throughout Vermont.

Project Detail 8/11
Project Detail 9/11

The Vermont Land Trust is an organization of many parts without a single-point of contact (i.e., a front desk or an operator). Its team members manage a variety of services for a variety of constituents throughout the sate, and finding the right person to contact can be challenging. To solve this, we developed a data driven solution based on three simple questions that maps users to the right point-of-contact. Links to this feature can be strategically placed throughout the site via WordPress shortcodes.

Project Detail 10/11
Vermont Land Trust contact us (mobile)
Vermont Land Trust contact wizard (mobile)

Contact wizard optimized for mobile use.

Project Detail 11/11
Vermont Land Trust grid of smartphone screens